It has 2100mm wingspan, with an alar surface of 80 dM2. It is built in carbon fiber / Kevlar.


It has an electric motor of 1.5 Kw, moved by a lithium battery and driven by a folding propeller.


It has an autonomy of 2 hours, acting in a range of action of 80-100 km. Cruise speed 100-120 Km / h


Take off with a catapult and land with parachute or through a landing gear.

  • Terrestrial and maritime day and night surveillance.
  • Photogrammetry Civil work.
  • Precision agriculture, forest fire monitoring, search and rescue.
  • Gyro-stabilized video camera with zoom x10
  • Town hall object tracking
  • Day and night sensor
  • Photogrammetric camera
  • Hyper Spectral Camera
  • Transport case for the complete UAV and accessories.

You can control it with our Base Station

  • Increase link security 100%
  • Autonomous follow-up 100%

Shoring system of directive antennas towards the UAV with our Antena Tracker, increases the security of the link with the FW-210.